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About Happy Crab

Happy Crab is a cozy hole in the wall seafood restaurant. With our relaxed open air kopitiam atmosphere, come and enjoy our specialty: Large, delicious, succulent Barbecued Deep Sea Sand Crabs, rich in yellow roe.


Our special crab recipe was inspired by the original Teochew crab recipes and we have honed and improved upon it over the years since we opened in 2004. Unlike the more famous and popular Singaporean crab recipes like Chili Crab or Black Pepper Crab, our special recipe shies away from the use of heavy sauces that tend to mask the flavor of the actual crab. Instead, we season our crabs simply with sea salt, crushed black pepper, and our very own special light unagi sauce. Our cooking technique ensures that the natural succulence and fresh taste of the crab itself are delivered to your plate for a crab-eating experience you will not soon forget.

Food Reviews

Facebook Review - Singaporean Lady


“These crab people really know how to grill their crustaceans. The outcome is succulent crab meat with a heady smokey flavor and a delicious tinge of salt. I’ll Keep going back for more! Kudos to the superb service and good old times songs from an old fashion cassette player!”

Trip Advisor Review - Guest from Berlin


"I made a reservation in the late afternoon and was greeted with cheer by the Chinese gentlemen owners when I returned in the evening. The crab preparation is quite different from the common chili or pepper style. The taste of the barbecued crab is much more subtle and delicious. Hard manual work as expected. The sambal fried rice was great as a contrasting side dish and had a very generous amount of seafood added. Will definitely come again with friends!"

Meat and Greed S2 Episode 3 (Mediacorp Channel 5) - Singaporean Man


“I just enjoy the way they barbecue it. It is just perfect”

Watch Toggle Catch-Up from 17:20 onwards