BBQ Deep Sea Sand Crabs

Our special crab recipe was inspired by the original Teochew crab recipes and we have honed and improved upon it over the years since we opened in 2004.


Cozy hole-in-the-wall seafood restaurant

Happy Crab is a cozy hole in the wall seafood restaurant. With our relaxed open air kopitiam atmosphere, come and enjoy our specialty: Large, delicious, succulent Barbecued Deep Sea Sand Crabs, rich in yellow roe.

Facebook Review

“Superb BBQ crab which is different from the usual chilli n pepper selections. The sea salt seasoning have the umami factor which will leave you craving for more. Finger licking good! The meal will made you feel VERY VERY HAPPY itself. Guess that's why is call Happy Crab. Cheers to unpretendious good food!"